SUTURNO was founded in Madrid by Julia Vergara and Javier Gutierrez. They are especialist in print design and have worked in projects for international clients such as Marc Jacobs, Jocomomola, Hoss Intropia and Zara Home. Their prints are made carefully crafted in limited numbers by local artisans, combining quality natural materials and striking prints. All of our items are made in the UE.


¿adónde? is a 100% french design brand (despite its spanish-sounding name) fruit of the collaboration between Laurent Serin and Javier Gutiérrez Carcache. One main material and one single idea developed for minimal but beautiful and well polished creations.
¿adónde? respects the environment which specifically means producing locally, using recycled materials or materials that respect the environment — when one of our plates is broken, it goes back to being a stone in nature.

vika gazinskaya spring-summer13

Vika Gazinskaya was born and brought up in Moscow, Russia. Vika studied fashion design in Moscow and spent several years working as a stylist at L’Officiel Russia, where she developed her deep knowledge of fashion industry. She presented her first collection in 2007, after winning a Russian fashion design contest, Russian Silhouette.The Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Vika Gazinskaya is fun and sophisticated at the same time. It gains inspiration from romantic notion of travelling and nature. The clouds were sketched in pencil and transformed into the main idea of the collection. Cloud images were woven into jacquard fabrics, and applied as patchworks…


By Larin was founded by Danish designer Lulu Anderson in 2010 with the unique and innovative “click and twist” concept designed to offer the flexibility and freedom to change your look at any time. Each pair of shoes comes with two interchangeable ornaments to give you the ability to adapt your look to any occasion, thanks to the built-in click magnet.